RcodeZero DNS ensures that your domain name servers (dns) are reliable and always reachable. Anycast technology distributes servers with the same IP address to several locations worldwide. This ensures that your domain is optimally available.

RcodeZero DNS offers various DNS products and is suitable for enterprises, ISP/Registrars and as a secondary anycast for Registries. If you are not sure which solution is best for you, please contact our team by e-mail – we will be happy to help you. Also take a look at our references to see which customers already rely on RcodeZero DNS. 

No separate DNS infrastructure is required for Primary DNS. New zones and zone updates can processed using the web interface or API on the RcodeZero DNS system. Secondary DNS requires its own local DNS infrastructure, although existing infrastructure can usually be used. The zones are picked up by RcodeZero DNS via AXFR from the customer and distributed on the Anycast name servers.

The number of locations depends on the selected product. There are 2 independent clouds in 2 autonomous systems (AS) with more than 50 nodes for Enterprises and ISP/Registrars customers. There is one cloud with more than 30 nodes for TLD customers (Status December 2023).

Yes, you can try each RcodeZero DNS product free of charge for 30 days without any obligations.

For a 30 day free trial for Enterprises just click here. With the trial version for Enterprises you can start immediately after account creation and use all services without restrictions. As a internet service provider/registrar or TLD customer please contact us.

For the first 30 days after the initial creation of your account, the name services will be made available to you free of charge for testing purposes. Your credit card will not be charged during the first 30 days. Once the trial period has ended the contractual relationship (unless terminated) between ipcom GmbH and you will automatically become a conventional paid contractual relationship without the need for a specific declaration to this effect. Please find more information in our Terms of Service.

RcodeZero DNS can be tested directly on the production system. The test account can be seamlessly converted into a production account.

You can find our Terms of Service here on our website.

Yes, it is possible to choose your own DNS hostname. Additionally, you have the option to operate RcodeZero DNS with exclusive IP addresses (so called dedicated IP addresses) from the ipcom address, or bring your own network area (then your prefix will be routed from RcodeZero DNS).

A web interface and REST API (for Enterprises and Internet Service Providers) is available for managing your zones.

For zones using the DNSSEC signing service, the customer’s primary name server must be a hidden primary. Further, the zone must not be hosted on a name server which is a public facing name server too and is also authoritative for a parent zone.

DNSSEC is included for free in every RcodeZero DNS package. The user may, at any time, activate or deactivate the DNSSEC signing service free of charge, for some or all of the zones.

Yes, absolutely. RcodeZero DNS nodes offer you services over iPv4 or iPv6.

No. We have no query limit. Our prices are transparent and easy to calculate.

Yes, the SLA is defined by our Terms of Service for customers of the product Starter, Medium or Large. For Pro and TLD-customers the SLA is specified by the RcodeZero DNS agreement.

You can find the customer web interface in our main menu on the right side of our RcodeZero DNS website or directly at https://my.rcodezero.at.

The customer web interface allows you for example to add / delete / query zones, fetch a complete zone list, see and download DNS query statistics.

Libcloud, Kubernetes External DNS, Acme.sh are available. Our R&D department is continuously working on new API integrations for common platforms.

RcodeZero is a "supported provider" at Libcloud. Libcloud is a standard python-library and interacts with different cloud-providers. A dedicated API ensures that applications only have to be written once and interact them with various cloud providers without being bound to a specific one. You can find more information here: https://libcloud.readthedocs.io/en/stable/dns/drivers/rcodezero.html

The token can be used via REST API and provides the features for ACME (automated domain validation via DNS for Let's Encrypt certificates).

The test system is a 1:1 clone of the production system. The system is suitable for performing automated API tests or for testing new features before they are rolled out to the production system. You can use the testing system for free but there are no Anycast DNS service or SLAs. You can find the special test system at https://my-test.rcodezero.at

In general you can use your normal RcodeZero DNS account for testing. The first 30 days are free of charge. Furthermore, we offer a special "test system", which is independent of the production system. For example you can test the integration in your systems or run CI tests. You can find our test system at https://my-test.rcodezero.at where you can also register your test-account for free but there are no Anycast DNS service or SLAs.

We offer a product PRO DEDICATED to customers with over 50,000 domains, as opposed to the normal shared system. On the shared system a domain may only be added once. It may happen that adding a domain fails as another customer has already added this domain. Then manual fixing is required.

With a dedicated system you get a dedicated name server only used by you – so an "add domain" will always succeed. Dedicated systems require dedicated anycast IP addresses.

Our team is available by e-mail. There is a separate 24/7 emergency hotline for TLD and Pro customers.

RcodeZero DNS can be used together with External DNS for automated entries from Kubernetes resources.

RcodeZero DNS can only be used by companies and not by private individuals.

All services offered by ipcom under these terms and conditions are intended exclusively for business undertakings as defined in Austrian consumer protection legislation. ipcom will therefore not enter into contracts with consumers pursuant to the Austrian Consumer Protection Act (KSchG). By agreeing to the terms of service in the course of account creation, the user confirms that it is a business account.

On the Internet, routers need to know where to send data packets. So routers exchange routes with routers in other Autonomous Systems (AS) using the BGP protocol. BGP was invented when the Internet was a "safe place with no bad guys". To ensure that routes to our anycast prefixes are only routed to our AS, we use RPKI. RPKI allows routers on the Internet to verify that routes are coming from the correct AS. This helps against various BGP hijacking attacks, and more importantly, it helps against route leaks, which are often caused by broken software or human error.

That said, RcodeZero DNS protects its Anycast prefixes with RPKI to provide the best protection available for our BGP announcements.

If you want to know more details about RPKI, https://www.ripe.net/manage-ips-and-asns/resource-management/rpki is a good starting point or contact our RcodeZero DNS team.