The web interface is intuitively designed and displays the necessary information in the dashboard as well as in the respective areas.

There is a page in the web interface called "Problematic Zones".

This page lists all your zones for which the control server failed to check the serial, or failed to transfer the zone.

For zones using the DNSSEC signing service, the customer’s primary name server must be a hidden primary. Further, the zone must not be hosted on a name server which is a public facing name server too and is also authoritative for a parent zone.

Yes, absolutely. RcodeZero DNS nodes offer you services over iPv4 or iPv6.

Yes, the SLA is defined by our Terms of Service for customers of the product Starter, Medium or Large. For Pro and TLD-customers the SLA is specified by the RcodeZero DNS agreement.

Libcloud, Kubernetes External DNS, are available. Our R&D department is continuously working on new API integrations for common platforms.

Our team is available by e-mail. There is a separate 24/7 emergency hotline for TLD and Pro customers.

RcodeZero DNS can be used together with External DNS for automated entries from Kubernetes resources.

Statistics can be downloaded manually in the web interface or via REST API. There are basic statistics and advanced statistics starting with the product Medium. For example: Number of queries per day, number of queries per day per zone, most queried lables, most queried NXDOMAIN lables, ...

Yes, it is possible to choose your own DNS hostname. Additionally, you have the option to operate RcodeZero DNS with exclusive IP addresses (so called dedicated IP addresses) from the ipcom address, or bring your own network area (then your prefix will be routed from RcodeZero DNS).

If the RcodeZero DNSSEC signing service is used for a zone, this zone will be re-signed periodically. In order for more Secondary Name Servers to load the new signatures, the serial must also be increased. This happens every Thursday at 0:00 o'clock UTC. The difference of the serials corresponds to the number of the past weeks since January 1, 1970.

We support every record type. For primary DNS zones these types can be entered directly (all other types can be entered in the generic form as TYPExxx with hex encoding): A, A6, AAAA, ADDR, AFSDB, ALIAS, ANY, AXFR, CAA, CDNSKEY, CDS, CERT, CNAME, DHCID, DLV, DNAME, DNSKEY, DS, EUI48, EUI64, HINFO, IPSECKEY, IXFR, KEY, KX, LOC, MAILA, MAILB, MINFO, MR, MX, NAPTR, NS, NSEC, NSEC3, NSEC3PARAM, OPENPGPKEY, OPT, PTR, RKEY, RP, RRSIG, SIG, SMIMEA, SOA, SPF, SRV, SSHFP, TKEY, TLSA, TXT, URI, WKS

Primary and secondary DNS use the same clouds and locations.

Yes, please get in contact with us for a configuration.

A web interface and REST API (for Enterprises and Internet Service Providers) is available for managing your zones.

Typically below 3 minutes, but this depends on several facts and timers which needs to be accumulated:

DNS Caching: Our name servers cache DNS responses for 3 minutes. Thus, if the domain was queried just before the zone was updated, the name server will respond with the old data for 3 minutes. Note: As there are multiple name servers with load-balancing on every Anycast location, it may happen that some responses still contain the old data while some responses already contain the new data.


For Secondary DNS zones, the Primary Server must send notifications to our Control Name Server on zone changes to initiate a zone transfer. The transfer is normally started immediately, but can also take a few minutes.


If the zone which should be added is already provisioned on RocdeZero DNS (under management by another RocdeZero DNS account), the system will by default rejects the request with a respective error message. To allow the transfer (change of ownership) from one RocdeZero DNS account to another, a transfer code has to be added to the zone (by the zone owner, thus the code should be added before transferring a domain to a new account). The transfer code has to be added as TXT record for the subdomain “rcode0” and has to look like this:
rcode0 IN TXT "allowed=XXXXXXXXX"

Where XXXXXXXXX is the md5-hash of the RocdeZero DNS username of the new account. If the transfer code check was successful, the domain will be switched from one customer to the other, the master server IP(s) will be changed to the new ones, and a zone transfer will be performed.

Transfer code example: In this example, the domain to be transferred is “” and the username of the gaining RocdeZero DNS customer is "": IN TXT "allowed=15c0bd9371ff658a5634ae16e7632ca6"