The price of RcodeZero DNS starts at 19.- per month und depends on the product and extra services (dedicated ip-address). The prices for Enterprise and Internet Service Provider (ISP) clients can be found here. For Registries (TLD) we are happy to compile a personalized offer. Please contact us at

For the first 30 days after the initial creation of your account, the name services will be made available to you free of charge for testing purposes. Your credit card will not be charged during the first 30 days. Once the trial period has ended the contractual relationship (unless terminated) between ipcom GmbH and you will automatically become a conventional paid contractual relationship without the need for a specific declaration to this effect. Please find more information in our Terms of Service.

DNSSEC is included for free in every RcodeZero DNS package. The user may, at any time, activate or deactivate the DNSSEC signing service free of charge, for some or all of the zones.

You can find the customer web interface in our main menu on the right side of our RcodeZero DNS website or directly at

The customer web interface allows you for example to add / delete / query zones, fetch a complete zone list, see and download DNS query statistics.

On your RcodeZero DNS dashboard you can find your current product. It's easy to upgrade your product. Just click on the "Upgrade Button" and choose your desired product (relevant for products Starter / Medium / Large). A downgrade in this way is not possible. If you have questions concerning our products please contact us at

The web interface is intuitively designed and displays the necessary information in the right-hand column.

First, the relevant zone has to be added in the web interface at "Add Domain". Primary DNS zones can be edited directly in the web interface. Secondary DNS edits the zone as usual at the primary name server, increase serial and send notifies at our control name server (the relevant IP addresses will be displayed in your web interface). Our control name server will then retrieve the zone from your name server.

Zone transfers can be initiated via the "retrieve" command on the REST API or via the web interface. In this case, the serial is ignored and the zone is transferred and deployed to the Anycast nodes even if the serial has not increased. Note: Even if a zone was transferred, the Anycast name servers may respond a few minutes with old data due to internal caching in the name server software.

You have two possibilities:
1. Configure your zone via web interface or REST API as primary zone and add the relevant records also via web interface or REST API.
2. Another opportunity is to configure the zone as secondary zone. To do this, it is necessary to allow zone transfers from the RcodeZero DNS name servers and send notifications (when changes are made) to them. The corresponding IP addresses can be found in the web interface.

Also, in the web interface you will find the names and IP addresses of the name servers where your zones are hosted.

There is a page in the web interface called "Problematic Zones":

This page lists all your zones for which the control server failed to check the serial, or failed to transfer the zone.

Product Starter, Medium or Large:

Log into your account, choose "cancel account" under settings and submit the deletion. Please note that the cancellation is effective immediately and all your configured zones will be permanently removed. The monthly amount will be charged aliquot in the last invoice.


Product Pro: 

As a "Pro" customer, the termination must be made in writing (in compliance with the notice period specified in the contract). If you have any questions contact us


First, you should check the serial of the zone on the RcodeZero control server. This can be done either by viewing the zone details on the website or by querying the control name server for the SOA record, e. g.: dig @ SOA

If the serial is smaller than the serial on the master server, then possible problems can be that the control server is not allowed to query and transfer the zone from the primary. Make sure to allow query and zone transfer from the control server IP addresses and 2A02:850:8::6. The Control Name Server checks your server for changes at least every 24 hours, or immediately if your Primary Name Server sends a NOTIFY to the Control Name Server.

If the zone on the control server is up-to-date, you can also check the zone data on an Anycast name server. Due to asynchronous replication and name server internal caching the changes may be delayed up to 5 minutes.


dig SOA


Attention: If you change the zone on your Primary name server, the serial of the zone must also be increased!