Rcode 0 is Domain Name System shorthand for error-free – meaning that online services work perfectly. That what is our RcodeZero DNS product stands for.

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What is RcodeZero DNS?

Nowadays, the success of a company is significantly influenced by its accessibility on the Internet. All important services are accessed via the Domain Name System (DNS). Therefore, it must be extremely robust and fail-safe. Possible dangers from outdated technologies, dos attacks, time outs or overloads can severely disrupt your online business.

With RcodeZero DNS you improve the reliability and stability of not only your own internet presence, but also that of your customers. No matter if you are a company, an internet service provider or a registry: We have the right product solution for you.

See for yourself and try RcodeZero DNS 30 day free of charge without obliagtion.


Outsource your complete DNS infrastructure and use RcodeZero DNS as your primary solution. Or use it additionally to your own as secondary DNS. 

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Service Provider

Integrate RcodeZero DNS into your existing systems using different APIs. Try our new dedicated system if you have 50,000 domains or more. 

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Top Level Domains

Being developed in the core of the Austrian Domain Registry, RcodeZero DNS is designed for
operators of (cc)TLDs as well as new gTLDs and IDN-TLDs.

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How does it work?

The classic addressing method on the Internet is based on unicast technology. This means that each DNS server has a globally unique IP address. All queries to this IP address are sent to one server, no matter where in the world the query is located. This may cause delays or time outs for remote clients. If the server is not reachable for some reason or is victim of a DOS attack, all services under this IP address are affected and stop working. Our product RcodeZero DNS uses the anycast technology. This ensures that your services are fail-safe, stable and optimally accessible.


The anycast servers are distributed all over the world and ensure that your services are available under one and the same IP address and work properly. If one server fails, the next one takes over. This not only shortens the response times of the DNS servers, but also distributes the total server load over the entire network.

With RcodeZero DNS you can enjoy the good feeling of always being at the cutting edge of technology.








All services are monitored 24 hours a day year round. As soon as an error is reported, recovery measures are taken immediately. Emergency and support hotlines guarantee minimal response times and personal customer care.


Use your own dedicated system with our product “Pro” starting from 50,000 domains, which offers significant advantages in zone management and provisioning. Therefore, a dedicated IP-address (provided by ipcom) is required.


Our comprehensive monitoring system delivers a wide range of statistics, which are made available to customers depending on their needs and the product selected. We offer basic, daily per-zone DNS statistics, long term traffic statistics and raw traffic dumps.


RcodeZero Anycast DNS supports the DNSSEC standard. DNSSEC is a mechanism for securing that certain information provided by the Domain Name System is authenticated with the help of a digital signature. Many domain registries have already launched DNSSEC in their zones, and it is only a question of time until registrars and end customers will implement it as well. This feature is included free of charge in every package.


Your anycast services can be easily managed via a DNS editing interface or via a web API. Any information given to the command and control servers via these interfaces is validated and automatically deployed in the anycast network.


RcodeZero DNS can be used as Secondary DNS as well as Primary DNS according to customer requirements. With Primary DNS you can configure the zone directly in the web interface or via API, with Secondary DNS you operate a local name server which provides the zone data for RcodeZero DNS.



No matter if enterprise, Internet Service Provider or TLD registry:
we offer the right Anycast solution for large and small companies.

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About ipcom

ipcom is a subsidiary of nic.at, the Austrian domain registry. nic.at has been managing the .at-zone since 1998 on a highly professional and reliable level. The RcodeZero Anycast network has been developed by nic.at’s R&D department and has been successfully in use for the .at zone. External name service monitoring by RIPE NCC proves that .at is one of the most reliable top level domains.