Iceland is new RcodeZero DNS TLD costumer
12.10.2022 04:00

Another European top-level domain, Iceland, has selected the Anycast service RcodeZero DNS. The registry ISNIC (Internet á Íslandi hf) based in Reykjavík manages and operates the technical infrastructure for the country-specific top-level domain .is.




Christian Schöpp, Product Owner of RcodeZero DNS, is happy about the new customer and the fast and uncomplicated interaction: “Every customer has different requirements and therefore it is particularly important to deal with them individually in order to find the best solution together. As was the case with .is.”

Due to the geographically remote location of Iceland, it was particularly important for .is to continue to independently operate as much infrastructure in the country as possible. For this reason, a strategically important server location was built in Reykjavík to best meet its needs. In this way, optimal routing can be guaranteed for the more than 80,000 delegations administering the system. For Anycast, it is important to connect the right sites with the right routing to achieve a homogeneous routing policy. Meanwhile, a cloud of 25 server locations is available for TLD customers.


Einar Bjarni Halldórsson, Head of Operations, explains the reasons why he chose RcodeZero DNS: “Working with RcodeZero DNS has been extremely satisfying and implementation was very quick. The service covers our most important user areas and has great tools for monitoring.”


RcodeZero DNS was developed by the research and development department and is used by over 25 top-level domains and international registrars as well as companies. With over 20 years of experience as the .at registry, and ipcom have expert knowledge that flows directly into product development and makes it possible to react very quickly and flexibly. The perfect partner for all those who constantly strive for maximum optimisation of their own DNS infrastructure in order to guarantee the highest security standards.