Finland, Ireland and Slovenia rely on RcodeZero DNS anycast technology powered by
22.04.2020 10:58

ipcom (sister company of is pleased to welcome three important European top level domains within its anycast network RcodeZero DNS. Both, the Finnish registry (TRAFICOM) and the Irish registry (IE Domain Registry) have already been able to convince themselves of the reliable service in the past weeks and implemented RcodeZero as secondary DNS provider to strengthen their DNS infrastructure. The Slovenian Registry (ARNES) has been using RcodeZero for many years and has extended its contract.


Convinced by the network’s reliability and performance, TRAFICOM uses the secondary anycast service for its almost 500,000 .fi domains. “Traficom selects its DNS partners based on very high quality and security standards, and ipcom fulfills them. During these challenging times this is very important”, explains Juhani Juselius, Chief Specialist.


Also the Irish TLD .ie signed up for the secondary anycast network RcodeZero DNS to ensure permanent availability at maximum speed of its almost 300,000 domains.


In addition to the new TLD customers, .si (ARNES) – long term customer since many years – has also renewed its contract with ipcom. Benjamin Zwitting, Chief Technical Officer at ARNES, explains the reasons why they decided to continue its partnership with RcodeZero DNS: “With the Anycast service provided by RcodeZero DNS we can increase stability and redundancy for our .si TLD DNS.”


Richard Wein, CEO of and ipcom, is delighted with the new cooperation: “Gaining more and more European TLDs proves that we are an important anycast provider within the community. Our flexibility towards customer needs, our personal support provided by long term employees and our location in the heart of Europe, positions us as attractive provider for competitive anycast solutions. We are proud to deliver high levels of reliability, performance and maximum protection for a registry’s DNS infrastructure.”


Benefits that can be achieved by using at least one more secondary anycast provider. With over 30 years of experience as the .at registry, ipcom has expert knowledge that feeds directly into our anycast product development and can respond very fast and flexibly. More than 19 registries (like .nl, .pt, .eu), with more than 15 million domains under management, rely on RcodeZero DNS. External name service monitoring proves that the RcodeZero DNS network with more than 20 nodes (for TLDs) is one of the most reliable anycast services and a trusted global provider – the perfect partner for everybody that is continuously striving for highest optimization of its own DNS infrastructure to guarantee the highest security standards.