RcodeZero DNS Anycast network broadens its reach with the addition of numerous new server locations
05.06.2023 07:47

The expansion of the RcodeZero DNS Anycast network continues steadily. In the past few months numerous additional locations have been added. For TLD customers new nodes are now available in Atlanta, Ljubljana, Mumbai, Seoul and Stockholm. For Secondary customers additional locations have been established in Ljubljana and Mumbai.


Regular engagement with our RcodeZero DNS customers, as well as the continuous optimization of Anycast routing, forms an essential part of our service. These demands have also led to the deepening of our partnership with the Slovenian registry .si, resulting in the establishment of a new RcodeZero DNS TLD and Secondary server location in Ljubljana.


Benjamin Zwittnig DNS specialist from the registry .si says: "We have maintained an appreciative cooperation with the RcodeZero DNS team for years. We are pleased that our customer needs have been addressed and that a node is now available in Ljubljana. For us as a registry, it brings the great advantage of continuing to improve routing and making our network even more resilient."


The new server locations not only enhance routing but also increase speed and availability for the RcodeZero DNS Anycast network. In an effort to bolster our presence in the Asian region, we have chosen Seoul (South Korea) as a new TLD location. For TLD operators, superior performance, swift response times, and utmost protection are crucial. Therefore, the RcodeZero DNS TLD cloud currently offers more than 31 carefully selected locations (status 5th of june) for TLD operators.


As an Anycast service provider we act as a trusted advisor for DNS strategy and assist with the implementation of new processes. Drawing from our wealth of experience, we ensure the smooth and effortless execution of technical DNS changes for our customers.