Migrate from PowerDNS to Knot with help of Catalog Zones
04.03.2024 05:05

At RcodeZero DNS we use different DNS software for various scenarios, what fits best for the respective use case. We also believe in open source. The great thing with open source is, that if something is missing, you can add it yourself, but most of the time you have a community which is happy to add features if it useful for the community and improves the software.

In the talk "Migrate from PowerDNS to Knot with help of Catalog Zones" at the DNS Oarc Meeting our colleague Klaus Darilion describes how we use the rather new technology "Catalog Zones" with Knot Authoritative DNS Server. We were among the first using Knot's catalog zones with a high number of member zones, pushing Knot to its limits and revealing inefficiency and bugs. With the great help of the Knot developers we got rid of the problems and now Knot DNS is a very important and stable part of our RcodeZero DNS. Watch the video for details.

Hosting millions of zones on lots of secondary name servers leads to an interesting problem. How can you rely that every single zone of the millions of zones is up to date and in sync with the primary name server? If the DNS zone replication is based on the standard DNS methods (NOTIFY + AXFR/IXFR), there is no built in support for the monitoring of the zone's "freshness" on the secondary name servers. The second talk at the DNS Oarc Meeting "XFR does not scale to millions of zones" describes the problem and tries to start a discussion for solutions. If you have any questions about our presentations, please contact us at rcodezero@ipcom.at.