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rcode 0 stands for: no error condition. If a DNS server answers a query with this result code, the service is running properly.

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Fast, Secure & reliable

The Anycast Technology

The classical addressing method in the Domain Name System is unicast; a DNS server has a dedicated IP address. Queries to this IP address all lead to this one server no matter where in the world the client is located.

This may cause delays and timeouts for remote clients. Furthermore, if the server is down or a victim of a DoS attack, the whole service provided under this dedicated IP address is affected and not available anymore.


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RcodeZero Anycast DNS

ultimate availability for your zone


Anycast technology allows having the same IP address reachable on multiple geographic locations around the globe. Routing protocols on the Internet ensure that a request reaches the topological closest instance of the anycast cloud. Latency is minimized by that and, what’s more, traffic is distributed on the various locations (nodes).

In particular in the case of an attack on the nameserver network, only the closest node is affected and the others operate unaffected. Furthermore, since the whole anycast DNS network only utilizes one IP address, DNS packets stay smaller compared to multiple unicast instances (just a single NS record is contained in the delegation).

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redundant and highly available

Fast, Secure & reliable

RcodeZero Anycast Product Features

In addition to the state of the art technical architecture described above, RcodeZero Anycast DNS is characterized by the following features and services:

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Service Monitoring And Support

All services are monitored 24 hours a day year round. As soon as an error is reported, recovery measures are taken immediately. Emergency and support hotlines guarantee minimal response times and personal customer care.

MANAGING RcodeZero Anycast DNS

Our anycast services can be easily managed via a DNS editing interface or via a web API. Any information given to the command and control servers via these interfaces is validated and automatically deployed in the anycast network.


The RcodeZero Anycast nodes provide name service via both IPv4 and IPv6.


Our comprehensive monitoring system delivers a wide range of statistics, which are made available to customers depending on their needs and the product selected. We offer basic, daily per-zone DNS statistics, long term traffic statistics and raw traffic dumps.


RcodeZero Anycast DNS supports the DNSSEC standard. DNSSEC is a mechanism for securing that certain information provided by the Domain Name System is authenticated with the help of a digital signature. Many domain registries have already launched DNSSEC in their zones, and it is only a question of time until registrars and end customers will implement it as well. With RcodeZero Anycast DNS you are prepared for this development.


You can brand the host name with your preferred name (eg. ns1.customer.com instead of ns1.recodezero.at) while pointing to the IP address of IPCom. We also offer you to operate RcodeZero Anycast DNS with exclusive IP addresses from the IPCom address range or even IP addresses from your own network.



anycast at anytime for anyone: find the right package for your needs

Anycast DNS (Enterprise)

Offer your customers or yourself the high availability and performance of a worldwide anycast cloud on IPCom’s worldwide anycast network. IPCom takes care of the operation of the anycast network and you use the anycast DNS like any other nameserver. Query statistics are provided on a per domain basis. To provision the system use the SOAP-API or a web-interface.

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  • 1. month free (trial) on the production system
  • no set-up fees
  • unlimited queries
  • free DNSSEC
  • Complete outsourcing of your DNS infrastructure
  • 24/7 monitoring and operational readiness
  • 10/5 support
  • up to 100 ressource records per zone (average)
  • optional individual hostnamens
  • montly electronic billing, optional on paper
  • cost optimization through automatic upgrade-alerting
  • web-based administration
  • Outbound Zone Transfer (DNSSEC AXFR inkl. TSIG)
  • Best effort DDoS Mitigation
  • Alerting
  • IPv6


  • Zones included
  • Additional Zones per Month
  • Upgrade-alert at Zone Count
  • Minimum Term
  • ? Fully manage your zone via the RcodeZero Dashboard, no own servers needed anymore Master DNS
  • Basic statistics
  • Advanced statistics
  • Best effort DDoS Mitigation
  • ? In the product „Starter“, one anycast cloud with one IP address is included. Starting from the product „Medium“ you get additional redundant anycast instances with a second IP address 2nd Cloud
  • Telephone Support
  • ? Notification about problems and actuality Alerting
  • ? retrieve the DNSSEC signed zone for your own nameservers DNSSEC AXFR incl. TSIG
  • API
  • ? Dedicated IP-addresses can be provided by IPCom. dedicated IP (IPCom)*
  • ? Dedicated IP-addresses can be provided by the customer. dedicated IP (customer)**


19 excl. VAT per month

  • 5
  • € 3,98
  • 13
  • 1 Month
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -


119 excl. VAT per month

  • 200
  • € 1,18
  • 293
  • 1 Month
  • -
  • optional
  • optional


229 excl. VAT per month

  • 500
  • € 0,98
  • -
  • 1 Month
  • -
  • optional
  • optional


- Pricing details

  • from 500
  • -
  • -
  • 1 Year
  • -
  • optional
  • optional
provided by one time fee per month
* dedicated IP (IPCom) IPCom € 250 € 49
**dedicated IP (customer) Customer € 2880 € 340


IPCom is a subsidiary of nic.at, the Austrian domain registry. nic.at has been managing the .at-zone since 1998 on a highly professional and reliable level. The RcodeZero Anycast network has been developed by nic.at’s R&D department and has been successfully in use for the .at zone. External name service monitoring by RIPE NCC proves that .at is one of the most reliable top level domains.